We've got the right set of features to help you run your small business.

Invoice Anywhere

ProBooks is driven by your invoices. We help you create one in under three minutes, whether at home or in the field.

  • Automatic balance / totals calculation and PDF creation. Choose from three different templates. You can also add your own company logo!
  • Select items to add from your products list, or enter an item manually.
  • Set up to two different tax rates and choose which items should have tax applied.
  • Quickly add photos to your invoice or estimate through your phone or tablet.
  • Add shipping and handling information if applicable to your business.
  • Create recurring invoices that get sent to your customer on a schedule that you specify. You can also choose to not automatically send your recurring invoice (if you want to view it before it gets sent out).

Delivery and Getting Paid

We don't just make a PDF for you. Use our built-in email service so you don't have to worry about sending an email yourself. And when you send an invoice through us, you can also accept credit card payments!

  • Use our pre-existing professional email templates, or customize the email templates however you like.
  • Get your own yourcompany.probooks.com domain name which your customer will use to view their invoices, estimates, and statement.
  • Receive a notification when your customer opens their invoice or estimate.
  • Get alerts if an invoice or estimate wasn't delivered. For example if you entered the wrong email address of your customer, we'll let you know. Mistakes do happen!
  • Use our secure credit card integration to let your customer pay their invoice online at the yourcompany.probooks.com customer portal. If your customer is paying for an instance of a recurring invoice, they'll have the option to keep their card on file and be automatically charged for future instances.
  • Or you can manually record payments yourself in the app. Either way we will keep track of which customers have an outstanding balance (and which ones don't).
  • If you really prefer to send an email yourself, you can just download your invoice or estimate and create your own email with the PDF attached.

Accounting and More

We pride ourselves in putting the Books in ProBooks. When you're looking for financial statistics about your company, we provide the insights you need.

  • Realtime charts and graphs of your monthly revenue, revenue by client, and unpaid client balances.
  • Keep track of how much you've collected in sales tax each month and each quarter. You can choose which quarter your fiscal year starts.
  • View the fees you've paid in credit card charges, so you can save money when taxes are due.
  • View the shipping costs your company has charged every month, if applicable to your business.
  • Maintain a product inventory and record the acquisition costs of items as well as their sale price. We calculate your profit and how many items you have left in your inventory.

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