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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

We don't charge for different tiers nor do we have a free tier. Your subscription unlocks every feature in the app on our web, iOS, and Android platforms. Take a look at our Features page to learn about what ProBooks can offer your business.
Yes, simply open the app and use the Get Started button. All new users get a 21-day trial.
Our pricing is per user. If you are looking to use ProBooks for your company of 3 or more users, you can take advantage of our multi-user pricing. Email us to get your special multi-user discount.
Depending on how you subscribed to the app (web, iOS, or Android), the cancellation method varies. Please email us and we can help you cancel.
We provide support by email and phone. To get in touch, you can use the Support option in the app menu or see the Contact section at the bottom of this page.